Trigger Happy Action Spots

by Baron von Something

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Barry Phipps (The Coctails, Lesser Birds of Paradise, The Like Young, Otis Clay, Kelly Hogan) invited BvS to record an EP for his label Tight Ship Records. This took place on April 10 and 11, 2010.


released November 23, 2010

Matthew Baron - vocals, guitars
Taylor Lackie - drums, vocals
Jordan Gans - bass, etc.
Brad Meyers - guitars, etc.

Songs by Baron von Something
Lyrics by Matthew Baron
Produced by Barry Phipps and Baron von Something
Recorded and Mixed at North Branch Studio in Chicago
Engineered by Ryan Neuschafer
Photos by Barry Phipps


tags: rock Chicago


all rights reserved


Baron von Something Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Tuczon, AZ
Little nymph, please wait for me,
Don’t you know you’re the biggest little death in my story?
I don’t want to know when you’re coming
I don’t want to know where we’re going to!

Little villain please crave for me
Will you hold on to the dying breaths in my story?
I will hang on, and bear this burden
But I don’t want to know where you’re going to!

There’s a girl on the phone from Tucson, Arizona
Says her daddy’s card doesn’t work anymore
Begs me am I able to come back and save her
With a hundred dollars she’ll be out the door

I don’t know

There’s a girl on the phone from Tucson, Arizona
Now her daddy’s car doesn’t work any more
Will you come hundreds of miles to save me
What else can I prove to get you out door?
Deviant dish, I’m home in Chicago
And my life doesn’t sleep, it won’t want to know
If we never speak, it can’t ever know
Track Name: Nunca
My stomach spills
Then came a ringing
It’s what a dream is
Or maybe not
I decide if I get to sleep or wake up

Window leaks sun
Its clever bones
Tell a story I can’t follow

Heavy, thick sweat
Drips underneath
Can this river be my bed sheets?

Never say never…

These nightly routines
Maneuver into morning
Powers of an avatar
Are gifted to me
Only in dreams

The window spills sun
Its tricky tongue
Tells a story I can follow
Track Name: Going on Vacation
They are alive but can’t understand
Why anyone prefers to wear jeans
When they’re at work, cannot mess around
It’s so true that silk makes them men

Get high above and never look down
Get high above and never look down

They need numerous pats on the back
To quell daily anxiety
All these lines fill their head
With fascination laced impending doom

Exalt above and never come down
Exalt above and never come down

I am alive and can’t understand
The standard pleasures of loaded men
It’s their job to be bigger
And pull from the sky

And when the weekend comes
They push their kids around
In store-bought vintage looking Red Flyers
A trip to the Starbucks is like going on vacation

1+1+1 equals us we’re real good at math and hiding
2+2+2 equals how many homes we need for salvation
3+3+3 makes a wheel that always needs one more

And when the weekend comes
They push their wives around
From one store to the next
More lingerie should always mean more sex
Can’t get this magic formula down
It used to work every time
Track Name: Cowards
We’re on a big galleon
Day one upon the ocean
Solutions to our problems can’t be found in
Vile plastic bottles
We’re knee deep in supplies
Some will save us, some will paralyze

Drift back and forth
Vacillate between an energy spike
Or chop wood, carry water
Chop wood, carry water

Earth forms appear between hemisphere lines
We should always swim, but always make time
To chop wood, carry water

Drift back and forth between hemisphere lines

I don’t walk like that anymore
I don’t walk like that anymore
I don’t walk like that anymore
I don’t walk like that anymore
I don’t walk like that anymore (I don’t walk like that these days)

(These Days) Just maybe a big wave will come along
And show us, why we’re better off inside
Four walls, protection is easy when you always stay inside

We were just cowards
We’re no longer shrinking
We were just scoured
Let’s live here always
Let’s live here always

Maybe if big waves come along
And teach us why we’re better off inside
Track Name: Homework Module #2 (Mrs. Beneficial)
I prefer to work at home
A spacious desk and two windows
To look outside, I know when the mailman’s coming
A clean bathroom ten steps away
Look up the questions, decide if I like them

This computer content, is very basic
Consuming all my time
Challenging me, balancing the files
This whole week’s been devoted
To finishing tens of problems, consuming all my time

Drag out and make it seem
As if this work is without ending
Answer every question in seven days
Rehearse the discussion with Mrs. Beneficial
There’s too much work

When Jackson lived up here
His schedule tied me in knots
Would he wake up and distract?
Remove me from my mile high digital stack
That was due April 14
That guitar’s only three feet from me

My phone is always close by
I live two weeks behind
I’m so unorganized
It’s all disorder

Be warned! I’m screening every call
When unsure I don’t tremble I ask
I’m through with tossing precious time
I’m bound to stay on task